Occupational Therapy


We have trained Occupational Therapists who consider it both a challenge and a privilege to be assigned to your care. At home, everything changes when your lifestyle is affected by a health condition, an injury or a disability. Through Occupational Therapy, we hope to help you achieve a quality lifestyle.


Here are a number of the services you can expect:


  • ADL Training

  • Assessment of home environment

  • Assistance with daily living

  • Body Mechanics

  • Education in the use of adaptive equipment

  • Education on safety awareness

  • Energy conservation and management

  • Evaluation

  • Exercise programs

  • Fall Prevention

  • Fine Motor Coordination

  • Muscle Re-Education

  • Orthotic/Splinting

  • Relearning self-care skills

  • Sensory Treatment

We're proud to have
received a Star Rating
for our Quality!